6. Take-out, packaging-free

So I have two little ones who are both still in diapers and I’m currently on maternity leave. That means I’m busy. And while we do try to make most of our own food (Owen bakes bread, croissants, pain au chocolat, I bake the cookies, muffins, make yogourt, and we both cook – from scratch. No microwave here. No TV dinners.), there are definitely nights when we need to take a break and eat something someone else prepared. And days, like yesterday, when you just want a treat.

I always bring my own bags to take out places, but yesterday I made my first waste-free take-out purchase. Mind you, it was an easy one: croissants (from Bonjour Brioche – yum!). I brought a big tupperware container and she happily obliged me when I asked if we could use it.

So now I’m looking for some sort of unbreakable container that isn’t plastic to bring with me to my favourite local take-out spots in which the cooks could put steaming hot food instead of the styrofoam, waxed paper and newsprint. The paper isn’t so bad, as it’s mostly green binnable, but the styro has to go…

I’m working on this one. Not ready to commit to package-free take-out all the time yet, but once I find the right receptacles, I will… For now I guess I might lug around my pyrex type stuff… And if the food isn’t hot then the plastic tupperware will do.

~ Lynn


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