7. Chocolate – child-slavery free

Like many, many people, I love chocolate. I love to bake with it, I love to eat it, I love to melt it down and make real hot chocolate, fondue, truffles… You get the idea. But the chocolate industry, especially in the Ivory Coast, is full of unsafe conditions, low, low wages, and child workers, many of them slaves.

The Better World Shopping Guide has a list of companies (that sell in the US – some of them are in Canada, too) that sell slave-free chocolate, but they usually sell them in small bars for $3-4 per said small bar at health food stores. I need more than that. I want to buy bulk chocolate that I can cook with. All I found prior to today was Cocoa Camino (fair trade certified) chocolate chips at $6/228g. Ouch! (That’s about a cup and a bit of chips.)

Today, however, a friend (a fellow chocoholic) found bulk Cocoa Camino chips for $16.99/kg at Noah’s Natural Foods. (Updated March 2008: they don’t seem to have them anymore, just the standard 228g bags and bulk non-fair trade chocolate chips but I found them at The Big Carrot.)



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