8. Charge!

Another old habit of mine: leaving my phone charger and camera battery charger plugged into the wall even when they’re not charging anything. No more, since I’ve found out this “vampire power” or “phantom power” or whatever anyone is calling it actually is still drawing a current – apparently it accounts for 5 percent of total domestic energy consumption. (I’d say I’ll do the same for my TV and VCR, since these are also big powered off current culprits, but both died last year and we didn’t bother replacing them.)

By the way, an update on the waste-free takeout: We went and got our favourite take-out pizza today and I brought my own (camping) plates and said “You’re going to think I’m nuts but can you put our slices on these plates? We don’t want the waste…” and the guy didn’t even bat an eyelash, “Sure – no problem!” Excellent. No napkins either, as I brought some homemade hand wipes.


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