9. Bulk by foot

I have a grocery store very close to me to which I walk. But my local bulk food store is further and for some reason I’ve had a mental block about walking there. Every time I think about it, I think it’s too far so I hop in the car and drive over. But I go to the library in the other direction which is about the same distance, and Ed’s Real Scoop is a 40 minute walk and we manage that every few weeks in summer… (We run off the sugar on the way home!)

So today I decided that while my older son slept, the babe and I would walk over. It was “raining” (a fine mist, really), which was actually perfect (I’d rather that than the heat). It took 25 minutes door to door. Who knew? That’s reasonable! I can do that! Maybe not with 2 kids in the stroller, but certainly with one.

So that’s the new resolution. Bulk Barn is walkable, so walk there!

(On the other hand, this morning I put the little one in the backpack and took the kids on the bus and subway to the health food store to pick up the fair trade chocolate chips – among other things – and my back was breaking by the time we got home so that likely won’t happen again.)

And an update: I am still mowing the lawn every week. I am filling the kettle to precision, but my hubby isn’t as good at it as I am so it kind of defeats the purpose because half the time I pick up the kettle it’s 2/3 full so we’ve got to work on that. Still toting my compost and recycling home, farmer’s market every week (but driving… maybe that’s the next challenge). Working on the hot food take-out containers… I’ll check out the kitchen stores in Little India next.


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