Take-out update

tiffin boxes

So today I made a little detour on my route and the boys and I hit the Kohinoor kitchen shop in Little India and picked up some tiffin boxes – an excellent suggestion by my husband regarding take-out containers that can take hot stuff! I was all excited to use them tonight for some take-out dinner but I was talked out of it and went home and made some spaghetti (no fettucine in the house) alfredo instead. My 2 1/2 year old loves a good cream sauce (you can’t really go wrong with cream, butter, parmesan and some simple spices, can you?).

  1. I heard about these when Little India started to do take out and delivery services years back, do they keep the food warm enough for maybe around 4 or 5 hours? i considered filling the bottom tray with rice and the like and then the top with veggies etc 🙂 thank you for sharing your post 🙂

    • Lynn said:

      I don’t think they’d keep food warm for more than an hour or so since they are not double walled. We just use them for hot stuff we are eating very soon, or cold stuff in a cooler bag for hours (we use them on picnics and as lunch boxes).

  2. Lynn said:

    Oh, and thanks for reading my post! 🙂

  3. Ah, thank you! and you’re most welcome 🙂 i might try the spaghetti idea 🙂

    • Lynn said:

      Gotta love alfredo…

  4. andy1076 said:

    Now, the biggest decision to make! sauce! lol! 🙂

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