11. Second-hand Rose

I wasn’t going to write anything today, but there’s a great article on greenwashing in the Tyee (an independent online paper from BC – always interesting reads in there – not owned by big business like most other news sources) today:


Definition of green-washing here.

Corporate Watch gives out awards for greenwashing bimonthly.

So, think about what you purchase, what’s gone into it, where it came from and how much non-renewable energy it took to get here…

As for me, I’m committing to reducing my carbon footprint (all that manufacturing, transportation, etc. take precious resources and pour out tons of pollution) by looking to fulfill my consumer needs second-hand first. There’s freecycle.org and craigslist.org and my local thrift shops… I’ve been buying second hand for the boys since birth so why not for me? Speaking of craigslist, today I picked up a sturdy old sewing machine (sorry, Mom, the old Pfaff just isn’t what it once was – tension issues and a little damage on it’s last trip back from BC in 1999) on there from a great lady named Doreen who sells used books online but used to teach sewing. She has half a dozen (or more) sewing machines and is purging since she’s moving. As for the purpose of the sewing machine… it’ll come up later…


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