14. One down, one to go!

So, I’ve had enough of two in diapers, and as they’re cloth, it’s adds up to a lot of laundry, meaning a lot of water, and although I mostly hang them on the line these days, also some dryer usage. Today marks the first official no diaper day (for my 2.5 year old, not the 8 month old). We’ve moved onto undies! This would have come around eventually, I realize, but I’m pushing it up a few months sooner and that’s got to count for something!

2008 note & update: this was a) initiated the our pediatrician because the little guy had a terrible persistent rash and b) a total failure. We had 3 great months and then everything fell apart. My advice to parents: wait until you’re very sure they’re ready.

By the way, I broke in the tiffin boxes last night at The Ghali Kitchen and George (the owner) loved them and was more than happy to oblige me (exclaimed “These are wicked!” and shook my hand as I left). A fantastic waste-free takeout experience.


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