Coffee update

Well, even though Just Us! just opened a fair trade café here in the Beach where I can pick up fair trade coffee within walking distance, I decided to look into green coffee. It was one of those things that I was always curious about, and once I put the idea to my husband, he was off and running with it. Then last week I talked to a woman representing Merchants of Green Coffee at the Riverdale Farm Farmers’ Market and asked her how much the farmers get and she said they guarantee that they get at least $1.26 USD/lb (which works out to around $2.77/kg) which is much better than the $0.23/kg discussed before… Then I started reading about how coffee is best consumed within 5 days after roasting. What? Five DAYS? (And 3 hours after grinding and 15 minutes after brewing.) So then we were determined to go in and get the demo and taste test. And we made it down there today (the little ones loved it – it’s a big warehouse with lots to look at and the great smell of freshly roasted, ground and brewed coffee).

Merchants of Green CoffeeWell, it was a flavour explosion. We were fully converted. Where do we sign?!?! They showed us the dotted line and we are now coffee roasters. No more industry middlemen taking from the farmer, no more relying on the futures market for pricing, and no more stale coffee!


I’m not sure, but I believe the coffee roasting process releases certain chemicals you wouldn’t want in a home environment (e.g. aldehydes, organic acids, phenols and other hydrocarbons) as well as particulate matter. Is that a concern with these home roasting machines?
MV | 08.02.07 – 4:01 pm


I’m not sure if that affects home roasting (it’s on a very small scale) but to be honest, I can’t stand the smell of it, so we do the roasting outside. So I’m not too worried about it.
Thanks so much for the heads up – I’ll look into it for home roasters, or make sure the roasting keeps on being done outside.

Lynn | 08.06.07 – 10:21 pm


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