20. Why my next car will be green…?

licence plate

Okay, so this isn’t the reason that it will be green, but it’s an interesting incentive at the very least (alternatively just a stupid empty election promise ploy). Read the story in the Toronto Star.

From the article:

Climate-conscious motorists who pilot a Prius or scoot around in a Smart car could find themselves parking for free or passing in the car-pool lane under an aggressive new incentive program unveiled today in Canada’s most polluted province.

By this time next year, provided Ontario’s Liberal government is re-elected in October, Ontario residents who buy environmentally friendly, low-emission cars and trucks would get a green-hued licence plate that entitles them to such possible perks as free parking and access to high-capacity commuter lanes.

But seriously, here’s some information on car emissions. And a link to information about hybrid cars.


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