26. Once you get the ball rolling…

Sorry for the long-time-no-entry, but I was away and have been too sleep deprived to think prior to that (ah, teething babies).

What I’ve been wanting to say was this: since I started this challenge, it has actually changed my way of thinking.

For instance, my car usage habits. I’ve been keeping a car usage journal since mid-June to see what is not necessary and what is unavoidable. I mean, we’re pretty good: we use the car 2-3 times per week (I had a couple of bad weeks where I actually used it 4 times, but it’s been 2-3 times a week other than those). Now that I have a bike, it’s gone down since those little errands that need to be done quickly can be done almost as quickly on a bike if they’re not too far.

And this buying second hand thing – it’s great. It’s actually much more interesting to go looking for something second hand then just driving off to the nearest mall or IKEA every time you need something – well, if you live in my neighbourhood it is. I have several vintage/antique/used places within walking and riding distance from my home and have found some great stuff (a sassy dress for a special night that fit perfectly, tinkertoys for the boys, a cast iron frying pan, a perfect wallet, etc). I managed to get a very gently used chariot trailer on kijiji for a great price, which my older son loves to ride in (my younger son is too young to go in it yet).

Then there’s the little things that I started doing just because I’m conscious of all of these things now, like not turning the tap on full blast when I’m rinsing things (hands, fruit, veggies), not flushing every time (if it’s yellow let it mellow…), looking for a nice local restaurant within walking distance of our house for our 5th anniversary dinner (Edward Levesque you rock!), turning out the lights, wetting myself down then turning off the water to lather up in the shower, not renewing my magazine subscription, eating vegetarian even more than we used to, amalgamating my car trips, not buying foods in non-recyclable plastic (like those big plastic tubs of pre-washed spinach and baby greens), canceling catalogues… These are little things, but I guess they all add up.

~ Lynn


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