29. Kill a what?

No, no, no, Kill A Watt. We just bought a Kill A Watt meter a week ago and it arrived yesterday! (they’re $40-50 but my resourceful husband found one for $17 on eBay) So now we’re measuring how many kilowatt hours various electronic devices in our house are using. For instance, the work laptop is $60/year in energy costs if it runs 24/7. The wall warted baby monitor, if it’s plugged in but not turned on 24/7, only $0.60/year (not the concern that I thought it might be, but I’ll still unplug it when it’s off).

We’ll try to find the big energy suckers and eliminate or minimize their usage as we test everything around the house.

Oh, and on the same vein, our house just got a new Smart Meter a couple of days ago – which may not be implemented on for a year or two, but it should be a good system once it’s up and running, as we will be able to find out how much energy we use during different times of the day, and high use times (day time, business hours) will be billed a higher rate than low use times (night time, sleep hours).


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