30. Stop landfilling that toothbrush

Last week I had a dentist appointment (you groan, but I like my dentist – he’s a good friend’s dad so it’s more like a social visit). I remembered to refuse the freebie Oral B toothbrush at the end and explained that I was going to start using a toothbrush that has a replaceable head in order to reduce waste. Today I made it up to The Big Carrot and found what I was looking for. They have a few different ones, but I opted for TerrAdenT‘s soft head. I actually had to think about what colour to get since this will hopefully be my toothbrush for a long, long time…

What’s the problem with regular toothbrushes, you ask? If we all change our toothbrushes twice a year, 75 million toothbrushes would be landfilled every year (from Ecoholic) in Canada alone. The major brands don’t come from recycled plastic, so it’s just a lot of non-biodegradeable petroleum products going in the trash bin…


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