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We’re starting to eat more vegetarian than we used to so my usual favourites aren’t enough as the rotation is more frequent. I’ve been trying some new recipes from various cookbooks, but they’ve really been hit and miss. So I asked some friends and family if they wanted to start a vegetarian recipe exchange. All I ask is that they’re tried and tested – I don’t want the "this looks good on paper recipe" but the one that’s a sure-fire hit with the whole family! I’ve got a few recipes and suggestions so far, and hopefully we’ll do a couple of rounds. 

Bring on the vegetarian food, as it’s much less resource (land for grazing, water, feed crops) consuming, less polluting, and healthier. The LA Times just did an article on it here.


We don’t actually own a microwave, so we don’t make microwave popcorn (we do, however, make it the old fashioned way on the stove because who doesn’t like a monster bowl of popcorn every once in a while?) but for those of you who do, you might want to read this article about the microwave popcorn, which contains the chemical diacetyl.

As for me, this isn’t actually a change, but a keep it up (i.e. I won’t be making microwave popcorn).

It’s been a while, I know. Life has been crazy lately – it has a way of doing that, especially when you have 2 little ones under 3.

A quick update for you:

Tea: I believe I found a supplier of certified fair trade, organic, loose leaf, bulk tea that isn’t insanely expensive. Just Us! Coffee Roasters Co-op sells said tea in 1 kg size, and I verified that it’s not ten 100 g bags. I can’t buy it at the local coffee shop, but I think (their customer service rep said it shouldn’t be a problem but to check with the coffee shop manager, who is in turn going to call head office) I can get Just Us! to send the 1 kg bag of tea to the coffee shop with their usual weekly or bi-weekly shipment of goods and I can pick it up there, thereby foregoing the $13 shipping fee! (Update in 2011: this coffee shop since closed so we pay the shipping fee.)

Plenty magazine had a small article in their extinction blog today on bumblebees. They have been disappearing for years for reasons that are beyond our knowledge and we therefore don’t know how to save them. This is, of course, very bad news because they pollinate agricultural crops, and who knows how it affects the food chain, but you know it’s going to.

We can, however, do a little bit to help – planting the right plants in our gardens and window boxes. You can find that information at

As for me, I’ll have a look at the list again in the spring planting season and make sure I’ve got some of those species along with my regular herbs in my little garden.

It’s Canadian Thanksgiving today. We had our family feast last night and it was excellent. We started with organic roasted butternut squash soup with apple and Brie (from A Year of the Best – those ladies from the Best of Bridge cookbooks). 

The main course included local farmer’s market roasted potatoes and parsnips, green beans, and a grain-fed free range turkey. Yes, I realize that free range doesn’t mean much more than the fact that there is a door open out to the outside, which may be a field or it may be a gravel pen, but it’s better than nothing, I guess.

My eldest son and I picked it up on Saturday (6.5 km round trip) on bike (with a cooler bag in the back of the bike trailer). Last year, I would have driven – not even considered riding (well, I didn’t have a bike back then but I might have briefly considered taking the TTC, then hopped in the car). Lifestyle changes are happening here, and I couldn’t be happier.

Happy Thanksgiving!

So Sarah from the NoMoreGarbage blog mentioned the other day that there is a No Trash Week challenge Oct 7-13. I asked some friends and my mom if they would join me (knowing that the only positive response would be my ever environmentally conscious mother) and, lo and behold, the only positive response came from my mother. my mom and one friend are interested (yay RG!). Unfortunately my mom is out of town that week so we’re going to have our own No Trash Week a few weeks late. I’ll keep you posted on it…

If you’re thinking about doing it, Sarah has some tips. She has some more tips in a Today’s Parent article where she was featured.