37. Organics delivered!

I’m trying to figure out how to keep my trips to the Loblaws (my nearest reasonably priced organic produce vendor) to a minimum. I’d like to be eating more organic fruits and veggies – not so much for myself, but for my sons (and for the lighter footprint on the land). So a hockey teammate of mine recommended an organic food delivery service. I decided to have a look and do some comparison shopping, and found several such services here in Toronto:

Food ShareFront Door OrganicsGreen Earth Organics, Mama Earth Organics, Plan B Organics, and Wanigan(used to be called WOW foods). 

Why organic?

For the land: Sustainable farming methods that don’t damage the soil and retain the land’s biodiversity. 

For the planet: Apparently it uses less energy per unit of yield.  

For your body: No chemical pesticides means you don’t ingest them with your food. 

The David Suzuki Foundation has an article on it here. Environmental Working Group has a list of the highest pesticide load to the lowest for those who don’t want to bother (or can’t afford to) with getting all organic fruits and veggies – they suggest just the top 12, or the "dirty dozen".


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