39. I’m dreaming of a green xmas

Someone asked me how they could make their holidays a bit more environmentally friendly today. If you google it there are lots of lists out there. Here’s what I came up with:

  • no wrapping paper unless it’s reused (a friend has taken to keeping the funnies from her newspapers and wrapping all gifts in that) or is reusable (like gift bags)
  • keep the paper mailings to a minimum
  • buy used (I’m a big craigslist user)
  • buy online (the trucks that ship your gifts are shipping a lot of other stuff at the same time so it’s more environmentally friendly than everyone driving their individual cars to the mall)
  • buy local (for the feast, too)
  • don’t use disposable dishware at parties
  • make sure your live tree (fake trees consume energy and petroleum-based materials in their manufacture, but there is the argument that buying one will save you a trip to the tree lot every year in your car) is recycled or composted (not landfilled)
  • if you put up lights, consider LEDs
  • avoid buying excessively packaged gifts
  • compost all those food scraps
  • recycle whatever you can

As for me, my big change this year will be e-cards. Every year we mail a family photo to friends and family, this year it’ll only go out to those few who don’t have email (yes, there are still a few holdouts out there). Everyone else will get an e-card.


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