Update #3

I finally got around to deciding which organic food delivery service to use and we got our first delivery on Monday night. We went with Front Door Organics over the other companies for a couple reasons:

  • “Because of the high environmental costs associated with the aviation industry, FDO will not purchase any products that travel by air during their journey to our warehouse.” They have a link (update in 2011: cant find that anymore, but I’ve updated the link) to David Suzuki’s site regarding air travel and there’s an article by George Monbiot that drives the point home very well here, too.
  • They choose fair trade over non-fair trade whenever possible.
  • They don’t hike up the prices of the other organic grocery items that they offer.
  • They indicate whether the produce is from Ontario or Canada on their website in the This Week’s Fresh Box section and the grocery section so you can make an informed decision.

I like them even more since I got my first box for a couple of reasons:

  • The fresh box had very little packaging in it (2 plastic bags and 1 plastic container for the mushrooms)
  • They take back any plastic containers that the produce may come in for recycling.

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