43. Styro-free home

For the past few months, in an attempt to create less trash and use less plastics, I’ve been slowly working all sources of styrofoam/polystyrene out of our lives. The tiffin boxes for take-out food was a big one, and lately the only other source for us seems to be meat packaging from the supermarket. So I’m buying from the St. Lawrence Market or from one of our local naturally raised beef and poultry butchers (The Chopping Block or Meat on the Beach), and on occasion from the butcher at the supermarket.  It’s rather convenient that it’s healthier for us as well.

It’s a small move, but we’re doing baby steps here… one at a time.

Update April 2008: Why no styro? It’s not recyclable here and takes a LONG time to decompose. Toronto was going to start recycling it but the only company in Ontario that recycles it went bankrupt earlier this year.


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