45. Low trash home

I’ve slowly been reducing the amount of garbage we produce over the past several months, including going styro-free, bringing my own bags and containers to places like the Bulk Barn and Grassroots where I buy our bulk cleaning grade vinegar and baking soda, as well as package free soap (although I’m looking into a cheaper route for this) and bulk liquid hand soap. And although (I shamefully admit) we never actually tried No Trash Week, we do constantly watch what we bring into the home.

It helps that we compost, that Toronto has the green bin program, that we bring our tiffin boxes for take-out food, and that we’re cleaning and stashing our plastic bags (mostly milk and pita bags, as my husband bakes our bread) to be recycled when that program comes online. Oh, and speaking of recycling, another item that was supposed to be added to our recyclables was styrofoam, but the one company in Ontario that was recycling it just went out of business.

We’ve managed to reduce our garbage down to half a garbage bag every 2 weeks, but I’m hoping to get it down to one grocery bag every two weeks. Thanks to Sarah over at Say No to Trash for being such a great inspiration and giving excellent tips!


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