50. Don’t flush your meds

Since I’ve been either pregnant or nursing (for a few months it was both) for 4 years now, I have a lot of meds that have expired in my medicine cabinet. Allergy drugs that I take every fall, cold medicines, even simple pain relievers. Plus children’s medicines that we buy or the doctor gives us and actually end up only using one dosage (one is actually unopened and expired) because we’re not really into drugging our kids. Plus there’s those fish killers and carcinogens that are still hanging around my house unused and undisposed of because I didn’t know where to get rid of them. Since I don’t want these things entering the water system or leaching into the soil, I don’t just want to flush them or chuck them in the garbage. So today I finally asked my friend who works for the city in waste management.

The answer:

You can bring all medications (both expired and non-expired) to HHW Depots and Environment Days.
So that’s my next change: proper disposal of medications.

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