52. Yoga for little ones (& update)

downward dog with little onesI’ve been doing yoga since my first pregnancy in 2004 (great recommendation from a friend) but in the past year have been going more regularly (weekly). For one reason or another for the past 3 weeks the classes were cancelled or I had to miss them, so I have been doing a little yoga at home (which I clearly should really have been doing all along). This has sparked the interest of my 3 year old son. (The photo on the right shows what happens every time I do a downward dog with my boys around, but it makes me laugh so I keep it up. I’m basically a human tent.) I told him I’d get him a mat and we could do it together.

So, I had a quick look online for yoga mats and, of course, there are issues with regular yoga mats. They’re mostly made from PVC, rubber, or latex and can contain phthalates, (and, apparently, heavy metals?). Rubber and latex are an issue because they produce toxic effluents in the processing. (effluent defined in wikipedia). PVC… well, we’ve talked about it before. There are a few different options, but as I was up by the Big Carrot the other day I went for their offering, the Eco Mat from Relaxus, made from TPE (thermo plastic elastomer) foam, which is apparently toxic free in its production, PVC and phthalate free and decomposes under landfill conditions.

Another quick note about The Big Carrot (conveniently located around the corner from Grassroots where I get bulk cleaning vinegar, baking soda and liquid hand soap): they now sell bulk fair trade organic (Cocoa Camino) chocolate chips and bittersweet chocolate! Woo hoo! It’s cheaper than buying fair trade organic chips in 228 gram bags and chocolate in 100 gram bars and there’s so much less waste! Next time I’ll bring my own containers or bags and be waste-free. Sorry to be so exclamation-mark-happy, but I’ve been looking (Noah’s, Whole Foods, etc.) for a long time and it’s great to finally find exactly what I’m looking for.

In other news, we did our token part in Earth Hour this evening – extending it to two hours.


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