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Manufactured Landscapes is a film about and including the jaw-dropping, beautiful international photographs of Canadian photographer Edward Burtynsky, along with a bit of thoughtful and thought-provoking commentary. I found the trailer on youtube:

The official site from Mongrel Media is here.

Edward Burtynsky was also a TED (The Technology, Education, Design conference “brings together the world’s most fascinating thinkers and doers, who are challenged to give the talk of their lives in 18 minutes”) speaker and prize winner in 2005. His TED speech is embedded below.

If you do rent, buy, or borrow (I borrowed my copy from the TPL) and view this film, which you absolutely should, then be sure to view the Stills Gallery with Commentary (accessible from the main DVD menu) as it is almost as interesting as the film itself.


With Earth Day coming up, I wanted to make plans to do something. I ran into a mom friend in the park with her little ones and we started talking about cleaning up our local park and now we’ve organized (she did the legwork with the city, I have the contact list 🙂 as the “Friends of Orchard Park” and will be cleaning up and hopefully (weather permitting) having a picnic afterwards. If you’re in the neighbourhood on Saturday April 19, head to the park on Dundas between Coxwell and Kingston and give us a hand around 10am!

To register with the City of Toronto for your local cleanup (they’ll provide you with supplies and make sure the waste is picked up afterwards) go here.

Bruce Peninsula Copyright 2002 Owen Lewery

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I didn’t want to actually write this one up until we had done it for a week or two to try it out, as it always kind of sounded like a hassle. And the point of this is to make changes that aren’t a major hassle. Well, lo and behold, it isn’t. We’ve been saving our waiting-for-the-shower-to-get-hot water in the bucket and using it to flush the toilet. And it’s working out just fine. We do have little ones, though, so we had to make sure the bucket had a tight fitting lid, and it does.

The other one is the diaper pail. We used a wet bucket for a long time… I think I just figured the nasty newborn mustard poop wouldn’t come off if you left it in a dry bucket for a couple of days. Well, the mustard days are over, so I’m saving a half pail of water every load by doing a dry diaper pail. This was another one I wanted to try for a week or two before writing it up, just in case it made a big difference in the stink or stain factors, but it doesn’t. Besides, I’ve already had the diapers on the line once (takes care of the stink & stains very well) – I’m optimistic that the line drying season is nigh! So the diapers are just as clean as before, and my conscience is a whole lot cleaner…