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I don’t know if any readers are beef eaters (yes, yes, I know, we should be vegetarians but we’re not there yet so we’re eating local naturally raised beef once a week instead), but if you’re in Toronto, Richmond Hill, or Mississauga, Beef Connections has a delivery date of June 7 and I highly recommend them. For more information, check out their web site. My review is here. But I’ll just say that the other night we had a sirloin and it was possibly the best sirloin I’ve ever eaten. And I’ve eaten in some pretty nice steak houses here in Toronto, as well as in Cowtown itself, Calgary…


My husband tried this a while back and didn’t really like it. I didn’t join him because he didn’t bother with the essential mint oil and I had a taste and it was just nasty. Anyway, I read Sarah’s Say No To Trash blog entry a week or so ago and she mentioned that they were using it so I thought I’d give it another try (as soon as I picked up some essential mint oil). We’ve been using it for several days and it’s excellent, and no packaging (and no issues with recalls or SLS or other nasty ingredients)!

With the arrival of spring, I just thought I’d pass along a link to the David Suzuki Foundation blog entry regarding gas powered mowers.

From the blog:

Here’s a surprising fact: a standard gas mower can emit the same amount of common air pollutants in one hour as driving a new car for over 550 kms!

Here’s a link to more facts about lawn mowers at, including:

A gasoline-powered lawnmower run for an hour puts out about the same amount of smog-forming emissions as 40 new automobiles run for an hour.

Each summer weekend, about 2.7 million Canadians mow their lawns, using 40 million gallons of gasoline a year.

Unfortunately, you’ve missed the Home Depot/Clean Air Foundation’s $100 rebate for gas mowers this year, but maybe you can borrow your neighbour’s push or electric mower and get in on it next year!

Happy green mowing.