Monthly Archives: June 2008

I get the GoodWorkCanada green job site email every day (hoping to find my dream green job one day) and today there was an interesting listing. I mean, there are always interesting listings, but this one I never thought about before. Say you have some fruit trees on your property that you don’t have the time to or are otherwise unable to harvest. You can call up Not Far From the Tree and a group of volunteers will come and harvest your fruit. 1/3 of the harvest goes to you, 1/3 gets split between the volunteers, and 1/3 is distributed (by bike) to community organizations who can make use of the fresh fruit. What a great idea!

It looks like they may be only working in Ward 21 of Toronto right now but I’ve sent an email to see if there are any picking spots closer to me. Anyway, there’s more information on the website so have a look if you’re interested.

The email also included this list of similar projects (fruit tree projects, sharing/gleaning/harvesting) in other parts of North America, too:

Toronto ON
Guelph ON
Hamilton ON
Ottawa ON
Ottawa ON
Montreal QC
Vancouver BC
Victoria BC
Fernwood BC
Nanaimo BC
Richmond BC
Nelson BC
Summerland BC
Powell River BC
Portland Oregon
Seattle Washington


You’ve got to love summer. The warm days lead to so much less energy consumption in my house. For instance:

  • I’m back to “navy showers” (get in, get wet, turn off water to wash and shampoo, rinse)
  • We dry our clothes on the line (we don’t live in the ‘burbs where unsightly clotheslines are banned. I mean, honestly, what are those suburbanites on?)
  • Bike riding is our major form of transportation (mostly taking the place of public transit but some trips that we’d take by car in winter, too). Luckily we live on a major bike route and close to a couple more.
  • No heating necessary, and although we have it, we don’t use the air conditioning.
  • Generally, everyone uses less lights since the days are longer.

It doesn’t seem like much, but every little bit has to help, and it’s cheaper, which is always a bonus.