58. Summertime savings

You’ve got to love summer. The warm days lead to so much less energy consumption in my house. For instance:

  • I’m back to “navy showers” (get in, get wet, turn off water to wash and shampoo, rinse)
  • We dry our clothes on the line (we don’t live in the ‘burbs where unsightly clotheslines are banned. I mean, honestly, what are those suburbanites on?)
  • Bike riding is our major form of transportation (mostly taking the place of public transit but some trips that we’d take by car in winter, too). Luckily we live on a major bike route and close to a couple more.
  • No heating necessary, and although we have it, we don’t use the air conditioning.
  • Generally, everyone uses less lights since the days are longer.

It doesn’t seem like much, but every little bit has to help, and it’s cheaper, which is always a bonus.


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