Monthly Archives: July 2008

Last summer I was talking to a friend on the phone while hanging laundry on the line and I made the comment, “This getting green thing is time-consuming!” because I’d done so much laundry (2 little ones under 3 and lots of cloth diapers to boot) I could barely keep up (it’s much more manageable now that they don’t spill all over themselves at every meal and one is toilet trained- yay!). And she responded, “Yes, and expensive!” I didn’t say anything at the time, but after I got off the phone I thought that it was a strange thing to say since for me it’s about using less energy, gas, water, packaging, consuming less, and buying second-hand whenever possible. All of those things result in spending less money, not more.

But 6 months later I got an email from a friend of a friend who wanted me to mention her new green online store on the site. I had a look and when I saw a nearly $200 nightgown my jaw dropped to the floor and I stopped looking. I told her that, although the products look beautiful (which they did), propagating the myth that being environmentally friendly is only for the rich just wasn’t what Green Me Up Scotty was about.

Then a couple of months ago a friend let me know about Stainless Seal containers which are 4 nesting stainless containers with plastic lids. They look great and are $30 for the set of 4.

And then recently, a friend let me know about Greentainers which are stainless steel containers. They come in 2 varieties, with clips and without. They are $30 EACH.

That’s ridiculous. People are pulling in insane profits because everyone is suddenly in a panic about plastic. Don’t just buy the first and most well-marketed product you see… Have a look around first. Grassroots can be like that, too… I frequent them because you can buy cleaning products packaging-free (in bulk, bring your own container) but have stopped even browsing at the other products because they’re so exorbitantly priced that we can’t afford them. Even their chlorine-free diapers are 30% more than my local store. (More on the ills of chlorine/bleach another day.)

If you’re looking for organic foodstuffs, chlorine-free diapers/wipes, bodycare products, stainless bottles, fair-trade chocolate bars, packaging-free soap, etc. and live on the east side of Toronto, check out Beaches Natural Foods (view google map). Wallace has the best prices in town and is an all-around nice guy.

Happy hunting, folks!