Monthly Archives: September 2008

Today we went out and bought my late birthday gift: a high-efficiency dual flush toilet. Okay, I know that’s a bit of a lame thing to ask for, but I don’t really need more “stuff” and our previous toilet was terrible (flush, flush, plunge) and used the old standard of 13L of water every flush. It was really getting to me. So, we picked up an American Standard Flowise Dual Flush toilet.

It uses 6L for the heavy flush and 3L for the light flush, and I can send into the City of Toronto for a $75 rebate. My 3.5 year old already has the dual flush bit down, and it was installed but 3.5 hours ago.

Happy water saving times here…


I’m on the board of a local community organization that runs a bunch of programs for people in the community (pre/post natal, parent/child, summer day camp, after school, teens, leaders, seniors euchre, etc) and we just had our first annual fall family festival called Applicious at Woodbine Park today.

I was on the planning committee for the event and ever since I heard that Hillside was a bottled-water free event, I figured we should definitely go the same route! Well, we managed to do just that, by selling BPA free water bottles and having the HTO to Go truck there. I first saw the HTO truck at the Ex in August, and I was so impressed that I knew we had to have it. It’s a great service, it’s eye-catching, it’s environmentally sound, and it’s free. Problem is that they only book a week or two ahead of time, so we were just hoping that they would confirm for the months leading up to the event…

Anyway, it was a great success, and during cleanup I didn’t pick up one water bottle!