59. Bottled-water-free event!

I’m on the board of a local community organization that runs a bunch of programs for people in the community (pre/post natal, parent/child, summer day camp, after school, teens, leaders, seniors euchre, etc) and we just had our first annual fall family festival called Applicious at Woodbine Park today.

I was on the planning committee for the event and ever since I heard that Hillside was a bottled-water free event, I figured we should definitely go the same route! Well, we managed to do just that, by selling BPA free water bottles and having the HTO to Go truck there. I first saw the HTO truck at the Ex in August, and I was so impressed that I knew we had to have it. It’s a great service, it’s eye-catching, it’s environmentally sound, and it’s free. Problem is that they only book a week or two ahead of time, so we were just hoping that they would confirm for the months leading up to the event…

Anyway, it was a great success, and during cleanup I didn’t pick up one water bottle!


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