Monthly Archives: November 2008

I love having Christmas lights in my home because of the way they light up the room. I don’t much like the Christmas season because it’s become a consumerist frenzy, but I love the lights. Last year, we didn’t do any because they are a waste of energy. This year my near-4-year-old started asking about the lights that the neighbour put up all over their front lawn and it got me thinking. How about some low energy LEDs? So, tonight we picked up some solar powered LEDs! No power sucking guilt.


My son’s 4th birthday is coming up and we decided to ask the guests (a modest party, by today’s standards, by the way, but he only wanted 3 guests. What sane parent is going to argue with that?) to buy a UNICEF gift of magic (one of a list of necessities, basically, for a child in need elsewhere) instead of buying a gift for him. Don’t worry, he’ll get lots of gifts from his family so he won’t be neglected…