64. Getting all domestic

When I was in high school, I briefly got into knitting. I knit a couple of things and then started a sweater and managed to finish it in first year university (it was lovely and I wore it for several years but have no idea where it went). Then I put down my knitting needles and promptly forgot all about it for nearly 2 decades.

A year or so ago I went to a fair at a Waldorf school near my parents’ place and picked up a little learn-to-knit kit (a little ball of yarn rolled by the kids, some needles made by the kids, and instructions). Then I promptly forgot about it. Well, we went away for a week this fall, and I took the kit and knit a few little tiny scarves for some teddies. Then at the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair last month, I picked up some lovely Topsy Farms yarn. Topsy Farms is a sheep farm out on Amherst Island near Kingston, Ontario. I’ve had the pleasure of visiting once and hope to do so again with the kids in a year or two. I’ve been the happy recipient of a Topsy Farms blanket and lambskin (after my first son was born and we still use it all the time), and bought blankets as gifts but never yarn. The yarn is great. So I’ve been knitting up scarves for all the boys (not for myself. My brother knit me one a few years ago and I love it) and am in the process of knitting up a hat to be felted. Also I’ve started an afghan. So I’ve acquired a few sets of needles.

The other domestic thing I’ve been doing is hemming store-bought and making my own curtains. We’ve had blinds on most of the windows since we bought the place and a) they’re ugly b) they don’t keep the light out and c) they don’t insulate like thick curtains do. I finally found the time to get my second-hand sewing machine working and sewed up curtains all around!

So I had some extra fabric from the hemmed curtains and a nice piece of accent fabric from a bag of fabric I got from freecycle and tonight I whipped up a roll-up for my knitting needles. Waste not want not and all that…


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