65. Hankies

I’ve been meaning to make hankies out of a bunch of flannel receiving blankets (ones we’re no longer using an d freecycled ones) since I bought the second-hand sewing machine. Which was back in ummm… 2007. Better late than never, I say!

We ran out of tissues and my husband and I both had wicked colds and frankly the prospect of leaving the house in the extreme cold seemed like a worse prospect than cutting and sewing up a couple dozen hankies, so I did it. Then 3 more dozen the next day. So we’re good for a while but I’ll have to make  more in time for my allergy season, which thankfully isn’t for 6 months or so… I figure if we can get through 2 colds at once with them, we should be good for a little while.

Happy blowing, and stay healthy.


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