66. Green Paper

Cascades copy paperWe’ve been using a pile of paper (printer and it’s used for the boys’ art) that I bought years ago and I was thinking that I should find some recycled paper when we ran out. Well, we ran out last week and I managed to find a box of 100% recycled white paper. I didn’t actually check until I got home whether it was not bleached (duh) and it is! Chlorine free, 100% recycled and made in Canada to boot! It’s Cascades copy paper, and the extra bonus is that it’s made using BioGas Energy, which is (from the site) “gas that results from the decomposition of waste buried in a landfill site, which has been captured to prevent its release into the air. It is then transported by pipeline over a distance of 13 kilometres to Cascades’ Rolland mill. The biogas collected is used as thermal energy to produce paper and replaces traditional combustible fuels.”

This is the brand we use for our 100% recycled toilet paper as well, and finding out that it is made in Canada with the BioGas is great!


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