Well, as I don’t have any new challenges, I figure a way to help anyone who might be trying to do their part by eating locally (either through your local CSA or trips to your local farmers market) might be to share ideas on what to do with the current seasonal fare.

This week and last week  in our CSA share we received, among other things asparagus. Last week we had it with shrimp and pasta in a lemon cream sauce similar to this epicurious recipe (we actually used a slightly modified Donna Hay recipe), which had our very picky 4 year old eating asparagus for the first time (not just trying one because he was coaxed). This week it was a side of steamed asparagus with tarragon mayonnaise (tarragon mayo from this Williams-Sonoma recipe, but we didn’t have smoked salmon) which again, had the 4 year old eating some asparagus. The tarragon was from our own garden, but wasn’t fresh. We dried what we didn’t use last year.

I also found this video on the Guardian site regarding asparagus which is fun and informative and found this link to Dori Greenspan’s food blog entry on asparagus through twitter’s @frombecca.

Happy seasonal eating!


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