A good time to go back to cloth

This isn’t really a change, it’s a change back.

You see, a while back (several months) I had too much on my plate and figured something’s got to give, and since Toronto’s green bin program actually composts diapers, I made the switch to disposable diapers. My apologies… everybody’s human. Then about 2 weeks ago we ran out of diapers and I couldn’t face the crowds at my local grocery store, so I just switched back to cloth. I figured, it’s summertime and I can hang them on the line again instead of running my energy sucking dryer every other day and we’ll just see how it goes. Besides, we’re at potty training age now and I’d rather the little guy could feel when he’s wet than never feel a thing like it is with disposables.

Well, today the city workers went on strike, including garbage collection. So what better time to be using cloth diapers and not keeping a bin full of stinky diapers around.

My only major problem with this garbage strike is that you can actually go and drop your garbage, recycling, and green bin off (details here) but they are all together, not separate, meaning that they’ll all be heading to the landfill.  I can hang onto my recycling, and even my garbage, for a long time, but the green bin could get seriously nasty and maggot-filled within a week or so (because it’s already been in there a week as our pickup is Tuesday mornings). We compost, but that’s just veggies, tea leaves, coffee  so the green bin with all of its other nasty food scraps could get pretty icky in this heat. I guess if that happens I’ll bring it down to the transfer station… Let’s hope this strike isn’t a long one!


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