Plan B’s Annual BBQ!

So I haven’t written much lately. I blame the accident. I had a bike accident (the streetcar tracks are treacherous, as almost every cyclist in Toronto appears to have experienced at one time or another) back at the beginning of July which led to reconstructive surgery on my thumb and physiotherapy for my shoulder.

Well, that kinda put things upside down here since I don’t actually have full mobility back yet. No more cloth diapers and no laundry line (ever try to hang clothes up on a line with one hand?). No cycling (I can get back on a bike in 4 weeks, just in time for the cold and rain) and no driving. It’s been a crash course in walking for my 2.5 year old since our only mode of transportation is walking and I couldn’t push a stroller.

Anyway, enough about my not-very-green summer. Yesterday was our CSA’s Annual Bar-Be-Que! Plan B Organic Farm is just north of Hamilton in Flamborough. It was a rainy day but we decided to get our raincoats and make the trip anyway. Last year we couldn’t make it so we really wanted to check it out this year, rain or shine.  Well, they did not disappoint.

We didn’t get a full farm tour as it was cut short when it really started pouring. We did get to see the Shitake Forest (I had no idea that you could grow mushrooms like this – we were told they’re meatier and more complex than those grown on sawdust):

Shitake mushrooms on Plan B Organic Farm

Shitake mushrooms on Plan B Organic Farm

We also saw and sampled (delicious!) ground cherries (also known as caped gooseberries) in the greenhouse:

Ground cherries at Plan B Organic Farms

And we saw peppers in the greenhouse:

Peppers on Plan B Organic Farms

Peppers on Plan B Organic Farms

Peppers on Plan B Organic Farms

Peppers on Plan B Organic Farms

Peppers on Plan B Organic Farms

And lettuce in the fields:

Lettuce on Plan B Organic Farms

We also saw (and took a sample home) their pie pumpkin field, the hops experimental garden, superchilies in the field, the last of the carrots, and parked next to an unpicked beet.

We had a great meal of organic burgers, their own organic beet salad, organic mixed greens, organic corn on the cob, organic salsa verde and organic ice cream for dessert! There was live music and fun was had by all. I thought the rain would slow the numbers of participants but there were still quite a few families there (I saw at least 15 cars). It was fun and educational and I think it made us all feel that much closer to our food source.  And the folks at the farm were interesting, friendly and informative. It was a great way to spend a rainy Saturday afternoon.

All photographs © 2009 Lynn Wyminga


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