Food, Inc.

I saw the documentary Food, Inc. a couple of months ago (at the Carlton – a rare theatre in Toronto that doesn’t only show big budget Hollywood flicks) and have been meaning to write ever since. Now I’ve been researching this sort of thing for a couple of years now and eat local naturally raised beef and pork, and local organic produce, so you wouldn’t think that the information and images in the film would come as a surprise to me, but let me tell you, they did. See this film for yourself. You eat food. You need to know what goes into the production of it.

Here’s a link to the trailer on youtube.

Here’s a youtube link to a little CBS News interview with the filmmaker Robert Kenner and Michael Pollan (author of In Defense of Food – but that’s for another day) who explain what it’s about.

Here’s a link to the Food, Inc. site which has lots of information on it about the film, issues, what to read, etc.

I think you can rent it and I know it’s for sale at Amazon now (as of Nov 3).


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