68. Giving new life to scraps

Okay, okay, it’s been ages since I last wrote, I know. I apologize. We were away on a lovely three-month house-sitting gig and I was blogging about our experiences there and dropped the ball here.

But also, and I think I’ve said this before, I’m finding that I’m not really taking on new challenges, or maybe just not noticing, because I’ve changed my lifestyle in so many ways.

For instance, Thanksgiving just passed in Canada, and we buy our turkey from a local butcher who gets free range antibiotic-free local turkeys. I still ride my bike down to the shop to get it, although now the boys are getting too heavy to carry in the bike trailer with the large bird so I take the trailer and ride solo. It sort of falls under the Food, Inc. entry nearly a year ago, but I’m pretty sure I’ve mentioned the meat we buy directly from farmers before. Beef Connections has expanded to pork and chicken as well.

Today, however, I’m going to virtually introduce you to one of my new favourite blogs: madebyjoel. He’s an artist and stay-at-home dad who blogs about these super cute and very inspiring little projects he does for his kids. He makes templates for folks, which I’m not really into since my 5 year old is a very good artist and is always up for an artistic challenge. One of them was this cool paper city (which would last about 5 minutes before it would be completely destroyed by my youngest), and another was a city block. We happen to have a bunch of scraps of wood in the shop downstairs so I taught my 5 year how to sand them down and he sketched up some buildings on them and we both painted them. My younger son loves playing with them, and my older son did a great job and had a ton of fun doing it.

building blocks


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