Shipping Container homes

I have a weird obsession with shipping container houses.

I guess I really like the idea of re-purposing used containers that no longer serve any purpose except taking up space in shipyards. They are insulated using spray foam (some are soy-based) for a very high R-value (25-50). You’re not using the regular timber frame so trees are saved in the process. They’re modular by design so urban projects like Container City can be added to easily and square footage of homes is variable. But the truth is that designers have done amazing things with them. Below is a video about Container City in London from the History channel.

There is also this page from the Daily Green which is slightly hard to read (text in a box with scrollbar) but features a great slideshow of many container homes all over the world.

And this page from fabprefab lists a whole bunch of prefab container buildings worldwide.

Also, an article from Treehugger…

Some Canadians have been busy designing with shipping containers. Check out zigloo, bark, and ecopod.


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