Seasonal Recipes: Butternut Squash

The growing season is coming swiftly to a close here in Ontario. We actually order a produce box year-round from our CSA (Community Supported/Shared Agriculture) plan B organic farm since they do local food first in all fall/winter/spring shares and they have a local only option as well. In the winter, we get a lot of root vegetables like onions, squash, potatoes, sweet potatoes, carrots, and apples make up the fruit portion much of the time. Also, when there’s a chill in the air, soup is one of my favourite foods.

This soup makes use of winter fare very well and is absolutely delicious. I won’t post the recipe myself (from “A Year of the Best: Seasonal Recipes From The Best of Bridge with Chef Vincent Parkinson“) but since a few people already have I’ll just link you to one of them. (By the way, she put the sugar and salt/pepper on the same line so it’s 1 tsp sugar, salt & pepper to taste.) You can make this a vegetarian soup very easily by using veggie stock instead of chicken stock.

Speaking of veggie stock, Mark Bittman has a rich and delicious recipe for vegetarian stock which involves roasting the veggies first. It’s easy to do, takes an extra 30 or so minutes (you can be doing something else, since the stuff is in the oven) but it is well worth it. I have his book “How to Cook Everything” but the recipe is online in a NY Times article here.

Photo below is my local organic butternut squash post-roasting for the soup. © 2010 Lynn Wyminga

roasting butternut squash


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