Re-purposed Hallowe’en Costumes

Yesterday was Hallowe’en! My eldest son has said for weeks that he wanted to be a ghost, so I was pretty sure that I could make that costume. I still had an old white sheet that I had bought at Goodwill a couple of years ago for another purpose and I cut it to size and added eye and mouth holes.

However, at noon yesterday my youngest decided that he wanted to be a dog, not a pumpkin after all. Not wanting to disappoint (and frankly, he was a pumpkin last year so I don’t blame him), I set to work re-purposing an old wool sweater of my husband’s. The challenge was that the temperature was down near freezing last night so it had to be warm.

First I felted/fulled it (in a washer with a little soap and hot water). When it was dry I cut the sleeves off for legs and then needle felted some white spots over the holes in the sweater (and in other random spots). My son thought it looked like Harry the Dirty Dog, so that’s what the costume became. I also took a felted grey hat that I’d made from a not great pattern (brim too big and weird) and re-purposed it by sewing the brim to hide the burgundy band and needle felting some ears (one floppy with a white stripe like in the book) and a spot on it. He wore a black sweater (and a down vest) underneath and we added a scrubbing brush and black mittens and he was all set. It turned out to be pretty cute, and I managed to do it with old materials that weren’t being used anymore which made me happy!


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