Seasonal Recipes: Carrots

I’m eyeing the carrots in this week’s CSA share and thinking that it might be time to make our favourite carrot soup, which comes from a cookbook called Diabetic Cooking but is also posted online here on TLC’s website. It’s called Indian Carrot Soup and you can substitute squash for the carrot if that’s what you have around. Either is delicious but we always go back to the carrot. From the description:

“Vitamin-rich and inexpensive, carrots star in this rich and spicy soup without the addition of any cream. This soup can be made with winter squash, such as butternut, acorn or hubbard, in place of the carrots.”

Oh, and they use baby carrots. I don’t, because I don’t get them that way. I just weigh a pound of carrots, peel or scrub them, and cut them in 1cm or so rounds. Baby carrots is a nice shortcut if that’s the way you buy them. Also, there was rumour of baby carrots (or baby-cut carrots) being bad for you, but apparently that’s hogwash.

Bon appetit!


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