72. Reusable gift wrap

reusable gift wrapHaving kids puts the fun into birthdays again.

Tomorrow is my youngest son’s birthday and we bought and made gifts for him, but I didn’t really think about how they would be presented to him until tonight. I thought about bags, but there is something fun about unwrapping gifts, isn’t there?

Then I remembered that I have a bin of freecycled fabric scraps that come in handy for small projects and patching. So I rifled through the bin and found a bunch of scraps that would fit various gifts in them and used some ribbon (there is a dearth of ribbon in this house, I have found), brightly coloured string (from a game/toy) and yarn (there’s always lots of that around here) to tie them. They are “wrapped”, simply enough so that a young child can get in them easily but still gets that thrill of unwrapping, and the wrapping is completely reusable!


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