500 Kindnesses

It’s been 9 months since I last wrote. The first 3 months are mainly because I can’t seem to come up with new ideas, or I just don’t count new stuff I add to my everyday life. The past 6 months are different.

In February I was diagnosed with breast cancer. I’ve since been through 8 rounds of chemotherapy, surgery, and I’ve just started 5 weeks of radiation. So, as you can imagine, I’ve had other things on my mind.

Even though this “Green me up” project started as a live green and lightly on the land thing, it has become a be a better person thing.

Recently a friend of friends started a project of his own. He is going to ride a tandem bike from Toronto to New York City (via Boston) with his son. It’s not a charity ride but they’re taking pledges of kindness. They’re hoping to get 500 pledges so it’s called 500 Kindnesses. It got me thinking that I’ve probably had that amount of kindnesses bestowed upon me in the past 6 months. During this cancer journey my family, friends, neighbours, hospital staff, volunteers, and acquaintances have been amazingly kind and generous to me and to my family. To read about the 500 kindnesses to me, check out the cancer blog.


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