Happy chickens

Happy truly free range chickens on Everdale Farm

For Thanksgiving we went to my brother’s house, and on our way back, as we were driving there was a terrible stench that both of the kids exclaimed about. I told them to look out the window and tell me where they thought the smell was coming from. My eldest recognized the factory chicken farms (rows and rows of the long windowless chicken houses) and knew immediately what the smell was. They have both seen Food, Inc. so they have an idea of what it looks like in there and what goes on inside.

A few days after that, my boys and I went to Everdale Organic Farm and Learning Centre with our homeschooling group. As we drove up I looked at the green field, in the centre of which was a coop and around it there were a bunch of chickens and a couple of cows. I remarked at how happy they looked. It was such a relief to be in a place where the animals are treated humanely after the Thanksgiving experience.

We had a great day and had lots of fun new experiences learning about their greenhouses, produce, chickens, cows, sheep, and the donkeys who take care of the sheep.

donkey who tends the sheep on Everdale Farm




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