I buy many of my clothes second hand, as well as many of the clothes for my boys. Which means the knees in our jeans wear out pretty quickly. And I don’t like to throw them out, so I’ve mended a few pairs with fleece patches (fleece because it’s a bit stretchy, which is good for the knees) but apparently my method isn’t that great, because eventually the seam of my patches rips. A few pairs we’ve made into cut-off shorts. But I figured there had to be a better way to salvage them.

Patches from Sewn By Hand

A couple of months ago my eldest son asked to learn how to sew so we got a couple of books out of the library, looking for good beginner projects. I found a book for myself as well, called Sewn by Hand, with some fun little projects in it. I liked it so much I ended up buying the book, and this weekend had a chance to do some of Susan Wasinger’s awesome patches. They kind of dress up the old holey jeans (as a friend commented: “Fancy pants!”) and make me want to wear them again!

Patches from Sewn By Hand Patches from Sewn By Hand


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