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Local Ontario garlic scapes

It’s garlic scape season here in Ontario. Never heard of them? They are the curling flower stalks at the top of the garlic plant (but they don’t actually flower). It is milder in flavour than the bulbs.

We get them every spring from our local organic CSA and I usually use them in stir fries or I mostly make up some garlic scape pesto (like this one) and use it on pizza with spinach and blue cheese. Sooooo good. You can also use it with fish or grilled veggies.

This year, though, I thought I’d try something different and serve them up as a side vegetable, sort of like  a stand-in for green beans. I also happened to have a gorgeous bunch of basil so I made pesto and then sautéed the chopped-to-bean-length scapes and served them up tossed in pesto. Also delicious, and my 7 year old loved them!

Sautéed garlic scapes

For more ideas, check out this site.


It’s kale season! Hurray for kale chips!

Low-carb kitchen adventures

baked kale chips

Last night we got our first kale of the season in our weekly local organics and as soon as I saw them, I thought, “Kale chips!!!”

So tonight I made some up, much to the delight of my 5 year old. That boy could eat an entire bunch of kale if it was baked into chips. Me, too.

I use this recipe from, but I actually don’t line the cookie sheet with parchment, and instead of drizzling with olive oil, which I find gets the kale too soggy, I spray on the oil with my little pump sprayer. It works perfectly. Also, because I want to know exactly what goes into my spice mixes, I base my seasoning salt on this one at, only without the sugar and cornstarch.

A note if you’ve never made them: Do get rid of the thick stems as they make…

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