30×30 Challenge: Day 2

Insomnia drove me out of bed early this morning. (That’s one thing it’s good for, I guess.) Which means that I got outside before the construction vehicles for this year’s nearby town home development started making their racket. And during the morning bird cacophony.

I decided to quietly sneak out for a walk/run warmup (only 1.2 km) before some yoga on my deck. I noticed things like the daffodils that are up in so many gardens, that wonderful smell of freshly cut grass, pink fruit blossoms trees, and the half moon! Next time I will bring a camera, or at the very least my phone, because I forgot what great light there is in the early morning. The photo below is from my back deck, with my phone (apologies for the poor quality).

#30x30Challenge day 2 morning moon

When I got home I did some yoga and afterwards lay down for savasana, listening to the birds. With so many mature trees in our row of backyards, we have a lot of birds around, despite being a block off a couple of busy east/west and north/south main veins in the city. I could distinguish the swee-tie call of the Black-capped Chickadee, and the whoit, whoit call of the Northern Cardinal.

What a great start to the day. I’ve also just now made a plan for a lunch picnic with friends down at Bluffers Beach! Happy spring, folks!


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