30×30 Challenge: Day 3

#30x30Challenge mating American Toads at Bluffers Park, Toronto, May 2, 2013

Day 2 was another gorgeous one, and we went to Bluffers Park with friends and discovered 3 pairs of American Toads mating. They were there for hours, swimming around like this, and then right before we left, all three (within an hour of each other – two within minutes) started laying long strands of eggs right then and there! Raise your hand (or “Like”) if you, like me, had no idea that this (see below) is how toads lay their eggs:

#30x30Challenge - Day 2 American Toad laying eggs

So many eggs!

So, needless to say, yesterday’s time in nature was educational and enjoyable. Who doesn’t love digging in the sand, and feeling the sun’s warmth after a long, long winter?

Today I was up later than the construction crew, so I decided to forego the yoga on the deck and just enjoy breakfast out there, despite the noise. My son and I rode our bikes to the kids hair cutting shop.  I put the laundry up on the line. It’s a perfect day for outdoor drying today: sunny and windy. I’ve decided that winter is over… those are the winter curtains on the line. Let’s hope I’m right!

#30x30Challenge - Day 3 laundryOh, by the way, CBC’s LiveRightNow site is posting little #30x30Challenge daily tips here. Yesterday’s is actually how I started my day, identifying bird songs. It helps to have a birding app on my phone. 🙂


  1. Those eggs! I have never seen that before and salute their haphazard egg laying. Hats off, ladies!

    • Lynn said:

      I know… crazy, eh?
      My wee one noticed it first, saying that they now had a string stuck to their leg. Which was curious enough to get me up and have another look. Looks like they like the water to be a certain depth as well. Our beach mates (FW and kids) will check progress daily for us and hopefully send some photos! Seems a precarious spot to lay, I tell you…

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