30×30 Challenge: Day 5

Yet another spectacular day! I actually can’t believe it snowed a few weeks ago. My double income no kids neighbour with the gorgeously kept lawn and garden called me “optimistic” when he noticed that I was doing some planting today. Officially, one should not plant until the May 24 weekend, but I couldn’t help myself! It’s just so darn nice out. So wish me luck with the temperatures staying mid-springy…

Onto today’s outside time. Hmmmm… other than the 10 minutes in the car on the way to the garden centre and now, it was all outside. Breakfast, clean up the alley and the back door area this morning. What you can’t see in the photo below is the piles of wood and concrete at the far end. And under the leaves was the decomposed leaves which left a lovely rich soil which I moved to the garden. The junk went to the dump, and I’m trying to figure out whether to freecycle the tires, recycle them, or build them into a raised bed in the back garden or something… I’m leaning toward freecycling since they’re actually not that worn.

#30x30Challenge Day 5 alley cleanupAfter the cleanup was done (my next door neighbour should be happy), we had lunch on a local patio, and en route noticed that the magnolia tree is truly in its full glory right now. Wow.

30x30Challenge Day 5 magnolia tree

After that it was off to the local garden centre for some grass seed. It turns out I shouldn’t be left on my own in a garden centre as I said I would NOT plant tomatoes again (the squirrels always get them first… unless I am extremely vigilant with the homemade pest spray) and came home with 5 tomato plants, several sweet onions, parsley, a perennial flower my eldest picked out (I’m all about the edible plants, he’s all about the ornamental plants) and some cilantro/coriander. Knowing that the squirrels will not have changed their ways, and that it may be too early for planting. Ah, well.

After planting that stuff, we had dinner on the deck, and, finally, I read my eldest a bedtime story on our front porch. Lovely outdoor day.

Great starting week to the 30×30 Challenge! As I said on Day 1, getting out isn’t much of a stretch for me, but this is making me conscious of getting outside when I might usually just not bother. Breakfast. Getting up and out for some fitness on my own before the house is up. Cleaning up the yard so we can finally enjoy being out there this year. (Last year we had just re-sodded and then had chicken wire down to keep the raccoons from rolling it back up, and the 2 years before that we had it covered in landscape fabric in an attempt (along with our neighbour) to get rid of the gout weed that was taking over. I see that it has moved to the neighbour’s yard behind us so we will have to keep on fighting it.)

I love today’s Challenge from CBC’s Live Right Now – mostly because I’ve just never gotten into gyms.

CBC Live Right Now


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