30×30 Challenge: Day 6

Up early for my slightly longer walk/run warmup for yoga on the deck. I remembered to bring my phone (i.e. portable camera) this time, which was great because everything seems to be in bloom right now! There were these gorgeous blossoms (and if you can identify them, please comment below), which I know are edible fruit that the neighbour once shared with my boys and I several years ago but my memory fails me as to what exactly it was…

#30x30Challenge Day 6 blossomsAnd there was this lovely colourful flower bed:

#30x30Challenge Day 6 colourful gardenAnd these stunning pink blossoms. Angel identified them for me in the comments. They are apparently sakura, or cherry blossoms. They are different from the cherry blossoms I’m familiar with as the branches all hang down like a weeping willow. I’ll try to find out a bit more about them and report back.

#30x30 Challenge Day 6 pink blossomsDuring my savasana on the deck, an American Robin came and sat on a branch near me and sang to me until a White-throated Sparrow came and outsang him. Fun.

After breakfast my eldest and I walked to the library. I took the good camera this time and I have some photos to post, but will likely post them at a later date as there are too many to deal with in my tired state. I did some computer catching up on the front porch (starlings, robins, and sparrows visited), and  took my eldest to a late afternoon class and met his classmate’s mom and hung out in the nearby playground while our youngest kids played in the sun. Later, I read another chapter to my son on the front porch while the sun sank.

I certainly feel caught up on my vitamin D now!

  1. Angel said:

    The pink blossoms are sakura. I never see a full blooms like this one before though!

    • Lynn said:

      Thanks so much, Angel! That’s great to know. They are really spectacular.

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