30×30 Challenge: Days 8-10

I’ve been away from home, but still getting out, despite the rain. Apologies for the low quality snapshots. I only had my phone on me on my outings.

Wednesday (Day 8) I started the day with another early walk/run around the neighbourhood, checking out the birds and flowers, and yoga on the deck. I love my view during savasana:

#30x30Challenge Day 8 savasana view

Later I took my eldest and his friend to see the Wizard of Oz. After we got off the streetcar we wandered around a bit as we had some extra time, and admired the cherry blossoms outside of St. Mike’s Hospital.

#30x30Challenge Day 8 cherry blossoms

Yesterday (Day 9) I was in Guelph and was up for an early walk by the river. There’s a lovely trail through the woods north of the city which is my favourite part of the city. We saw lots of snails,  admired the trilliums (Ontario’s flower, for non-Ontario readers) and fiddleheads, and said hello to the mallard ducks and Canada geese. We only saw male mallards and are guessing that maybe the females are nesting.

#30x30Challenge Day 9 snails

#30x30Challenge Day 9 trilliums

#30x30Challenge Day 9 fiddleheads

Later on we enjoyed lunch on a patio in Elora and a walk outside of Fergus. Great day.

Today (Day 10) is rainy and grey, but before the rain started (bright and early) we got out for another lovely walk in the woods by the river.


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